Cedar Molding

Cedar Base Molding                      Cedar Door & Window Molding

 We pride ourselves in our

honesty, service and the quality of our products.  All of the Aromatic

Cedar that is used in the production of these Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Moldings is

meticulously graded so that quality is ensured.  All of our Red

Cedar Moldings are kiln dried using our low temperature dehumidification process.  The kiln chamber is never heated above 78 degrees F, therefore the cedar's natural oil does not  evaporate away.  This oil gives Aromatic Cedar it's wonderful aroma and insect resistance.   Aromatic or Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Verginiana) is  resistant to:  termites, cockroaches, silverfish, moths and mildew. It will not rot, even after

years of exposure to moisture.  

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