Eastern Red Cedar Lumber

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  Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) has many wonderful properties.  It is

one of the most rot resistant woods in the US.   It

resist moths, silverfish and many other insect pests.  It helps protect clothing against mildew and keeps it smelling fresh.  There is no better

wood for building chests and outdoor furniture

than Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar.  It also works well for lining saunas and for the outsides of hot

tubs. It is the best wood available for closet

shelving and for building modular closet units of all kinds.

   Over the years we have had many customers contact us asking about Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Lumber.  Though this site mainly sells Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Closet products, we decided, due to popular demand, to include a line of Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar lumber. All of our Aromatic

Eastern Red Cedar lumber has been kiln dried and is free of defects on at least one face.  Nice tight knots are not considered defects in Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar lumber.  Our Cedar lumber has been graded to a higher standard than the Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar lumber of most of our competitors.  We guarantee all of our Cedar lumber to be solid and 100%

usable.  For those of you who have access to a planer and table saw etc. We have

band sawn Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar  boards that you can plane and edge

yourself.  We also have  S2S (planed both faces) Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar boards, and we have S4S (planed all 4 sides) Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar boards.  Our S4S Cedar boards are perfectly dimensioned, so they work well for glue ups, or any other situation were perfectly dimensioned boards are needed.