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We pride ourselves in our honesty,

service and the quality of our products.  All of the Aromatic Cedar

that is used in the production of our lining, flooring, molding and lumber is meticulously graded so that quality is ensured.  All of our Aromatic

Eastern Red Cedar closet lining, flooring, molding and lumber is kiln dried using our low temperature dehumidification process.  The kiln chamber is never heated above 78 degrees F, therefore the cedar's natural oil does not  evaporate away.  This oil gives Aromatic Red Cedar it's wonderful aroma and moth resistance.  All of our linings and flooring are tongue and grooved along both edges and the ends are square.  Our 3/8" thick lining is a high quality custom lining.  It is thicker and therefore more durable than our  standard and economy linings.  Both our Standard and Economy linings are 1/4" thick by 3-

3/4" wide.  The material that was used in their  manufacture was

graded to the same high standards as the material used in the production of our 3/8" Premium Closet Lining.   The Standard Lining has a finished surfaced while the Economy Lining has a band sawn surface.  While the band sawn surface is fairly smooth, depending upon the preference of the customer, some sanding may be

necessary.     There is nothing like having cedar closets.  They give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this beautiful wood will

help protect your clothes for a lifetime.  Plus you get the added benefit of the wonderful uplifting aroma.